Dana Expands SVL™ Aftermarket Drivetrain Offering for Owners of Older Vehicles

Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) announced today it will extend its SVL™ aftermarket drivetrain product line to include additional heavy-duty components and, for the first time, light-duty axle components. 

SVL products offer quality replacement parts designed specifically for post-warranty vehicles.

Availability of the extended product line is targeted for the second quarter, and will include Dana-tested and -validated center support bearings for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications, as well as light-vehicle axle shafts and ring and pinion gear sets for all vehicle makes and models. 

This is in addition to the existing SVL line of universal joints for the light- and commercial-vehicle markets and ring and pinion gear sets for heavy-duty applications.  

“After a successful launch of SVL in 2011, we saw increased demand for reliable light-vehicle drivetrain components,” said Mark Wallace, Dana’s president of On-Highway Technologies.  “Our extended SVL product line will fulfill the market’s demand for quality, affordable Dana-supported light-vehicle components, while further supporting the heavy-duty market’s needs.”

The SVL line is included in Dana’s product listing and available for order through customer services representatives.

More information on SVL products can be found at www.svlparts.com.